​Review: Hold On To My Ex by The Great Leslie

Words by: Jake Redman

‘Hold On To My Ex’ resonates with the struggle to let go of past relationships and the contrasting emotions that introduce a feeling of uncertainty, creating the pretence for a contradictory thought process caused by a whirlwind of erratic emotions. Through this, the track analyses the turbulent journey that most endure to move on from this anchor of emotional attachment.

This presents a message that is delicately positioned between a harmonic vocal tone and an energetic guitar rhythm that indicates an unsettled and racing mental state. Lyrically, the track immediately draws curiosity from listeners due to the contradicting questions that only further demonstrate that conventional unease, before proceeding to conclude the track with the reappearance of sanity itself.

‘Do I have no self-respect? Or does it mean something?’

Reminiscent of an early Two Door Cinema Club and Electropop outfit Parcels, The Great Leslie flawlessly transition to an energetic and upbeat sound through ‘Hold On To My Ex’, positioning themselves as a band destined for great things. A statement that is supported by regular features on BBC introducing, alongside plays on Radio X and XS Manchester.

Since the band’s formation in July 2020, The Great Leslie have continued to reach new heights, dropping releases across a variety of genres, opening themselves to a world of exploration that appears limitless.

Unsurprisingly, they continue to show they belong among the indie bands blazing their way to stardom. ‘Hold On To My Ex’ was released post-Valentine’s Day as a fitting anthem to all those experiencing flashes of heartbreak.

It remains to be seen where the band will venture next but it’s certainly a train that won’t want to be missed…

Instagram: @thegreatleslieband