​Review: Body by Josh DC and The Anti-Heroes

Words by: Shannon Beech

The very second you tune yourself onto Josh DC and The Anti-Heroes’ new track Body, you are immediately blasted into an all-consuming whirlwind of chaotic pop-punk. My first thought of the track is that it feels very much like the beautifully messy love child of Nirvana, The 1975 in their prime, and all the best parts of alternative rock sounds that make any walk to Tesco with earphones in feel like a pivotal march of rebellion.

The video for Body was filmed at Powderham Castle in Devon and boasts a powerfully contrasting background to the song. The elegantly crafted gold and blue interior and artfully chosen decor are actually modelled in the renowned ‘Rococo’ design. A design renowned for its delicate nature, attention to detail, and gentle patterns.

Because of this, I absolutely love the choice of room for the song’s performance video. It perfectly contrasts the sharp, piercing guitar riffs and satisfying drum hiss. It feels almost defiling of its setting, like a big punk middle finger to old money luxury and a hello to gritty, British radicalism. The soft décor is drowned out by the intense presence and performance of Josh DC and The Anti-Heroes and the space instead of being filled with beautifully resounding reverbs and audible havoc.

I personally am a huge fan of the 1975-esque lyrics about the complicated nature of unrequited love. The drawn-out vocals and heavy unhidden accents paired with the absolute instrumental mayhem give it a modern personalisation and unique sound that melodically encapsulates the bands’ goal of creating their own “Frankenstein genre” of music. A goal I think has clearly been achieved, not just within the song itself but possibly unintentionally even where they performed it!

Instagram: @joshdc_antiheroes