SNAX. Review: Loud, rough and nothing to hide or prove

Words by: Amy Moores
Photos by: Anna Hatfield
Music video by: Moments to Media

Made up of one man and his boombox, Fluff is pure punk rock, hailing from Exeter. Self-described as an aggy one-man punk thang, Fluff has already played Boardmasters and been featured on BBC Introducing South West.

Fluff’s new EP, SNAX. comprises two tracks, Cistern Snax and Jaguar. This is a reservoir of angst and a stress buster for any audience involved, sure to be the catalyst for at least a handful of mosh pits this summer.

Cistern Snax is loud, and rough and has nothing to hide or prove. The track touches on the cost of living crisis, beginning with “bills gone out and now they can’t afford their lunch, but it’s cool ‘cause I’ve got numbers to crunch”.

Fluff builds the crux of this track with a meaty guitar solo, followed by the increasingly intense lyrics “bad boys on the industry estate do not give a blip, do not make that mistake, ‘cause they’ll shake your bloody hand and they’ll clip your bloody brakes”. There’s space in this one to jump, breathe and then jump around again.

Jaguar begins like a sci-fi film, with android-esque sounds quickly moving to deep bass and fast vocals. Lyrics “life moves fast but I move faster… they told me to sink and I went out and swam” present Fluff’s manifesto, an unapologetic refusal of expectations and a no-fuss given attitude that denies any judgement.

Certainly one of, if not the most impressive part of Fluff’s shows, is his ability to put on a level of production akin to that of an entire band. Jumping onto the stage with a balaclava and microphone, Fluff takes the intimidation and turns it into a reclamation of space.

Having seen Fluff perform at the Underground in Plymouth on 28th January, this artist’s set is founded on absolute bangers only, including fan-favourite tracks Tea and Toast, Property Value and 21Thunder. SNAX. is certainly a no-exception addition here, capitalising on an established sound for listeners of Idles, Slaves and Heavy Lungs.

Based in the South-West and fancy seeing Fluff play SNAX. for yourself? You’re in luck. His balaclava and boombox will be gracing stages throughout the region over the next month! Check out dates on Instagram at @fluff_band.