Gig Review: Let’s party like it’s 1999 at The Likelihood’s album release show

Photos by: Katie Miller
Words by: Amy Moores

At Plymouth’s Underground on Saturday, The Likelihood debuted their album Right Swipe Generation with a release show to match the energy in their studio mix.

The fun had by the band whilst performing was clear, with smiles all around and a clear buzz to get going. Using physical copies of their album as set lists, the band played their new album in full for an eager audience.

For a debut show, they pulled off stage presence unseen in bands that have been playing for much longer, engaging the crowd with a CD raffle and living their rock star moment with unfurled chaos.

Although this is an album about the youth of today, the ages in attendance reflected the unifying issues our communities face, with the release’s discussion covering topics stretching across the cost of living, anxiety in an increasingly technical world and a pandemic. 1999 showed this best, with a clear response from the gathering to the no-apologies-given tone established in the set.

Rush Hour, otherwise known as Year 3000 (check out the album review I penned at Whisper for the context there) was a personal standout, with the band proceeding to round out the song with a brief Busted rendition — 90’s babies unite and rejoice.

Much to the crowd’s enjoyment, the set was closed with an ultimate classic in the form of the Talking Head’s Psycho Killer. A highlight of the evening was the atmosphere itself, having been warmed up by Foxhole, The Kites and Fluff (make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming SNAX review). The support in the room for The Likelihood was palpable and a joy to see.

This show cemented The Likelihood’s place as a definite one to watch in the South West. To quote my mum: “They’re going places, I reckon”.


The Kites


The Likelihood

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