2022 Cornish Gift Guide: Where to get your last-minute presents!

Words by: Cintia Horvath

With Christmas looming right around the corner, some of us leave everything to the last minute, even if it’s something like a Christmas shopping list. Often, nothing catches our eyes in shops off the main streets, so why not have a look at small Cornish businesses? This way, we can get our loved ones something special and handmade while helping small businesses flourish during the season.

You could get your loved one’s jewellery;

The Clay Tell Shop is run by an art graduate who specialises in polymer earrings, beautifully handcrafted with detail and each earring packed with personality. The window and door style earrings especially are loved by many.

(https://claytellshop.com / @clay.tell.shop on Instagram)

If you are looking for something more colourful, look at Batmoons. Jas makes their adorable pride animal style earrings using polymer clay. They also sell stickers and badges, the pieces celebrating pride and representing autism in an adorable pastel style. 

(@batmoons on Instagram and Etsy)

Similarly, you could gift something for your loved ones to wear through this cold season;

Sostena, meaning sustain in Cornish is a knitwear small business run by Izzi who was taught how to knit by her nana. She sells a range of cosy and thick hats and balaclavas as well as gloves. 

(@sostena.knitwear on Instagram)

Fibby Toad uses the skill of lino prints to put their funny and gorgeous artwork on sustainable shirts and jumpers as well as tote bags. If you don’t want them on something, you can also purchase them as prints for it to make a lovely present as a poster. 

(https://fibbytoad.com / @fibbytoad on Instagram and Etsy)

Or maybe a lovely piece of ceramics would make for the perfect gift for them;

Sarah Sullivan makes beautiful ceramic jugs and vases covered in white glaze and carved lines which are inspired by the Cornish waves and the tidal lines they leave behind. They would make a beautiful centrepiece on someone’s table.

(https://www.sarahsullivanceramics.co.uk / @sarahsullivanceramics on Instagram)

Are you a small business based in Cornwall? We want to hear from you! Drop us an email at: whispermagazineuk@gmail.com