​Review: Scooters ft. Slowe by Webmoms and Ciaran Austin

Words by: Jake Redman

A transcendent experience with a hint of melancholy, ‘Scooters’ explores an array of feelings created by past relationships. Ciaran Austin’s production creates a nostalgic feeling that Webmoms perfectly narrates, guiding the listener to an all too familiar place.

Within this theme of familiarity is an emphasis on an upbringing on the South Coast and the memories that are attached to these places. The chemistry is exceedingly natural and resonates a bond like the one between Tom Misch and Loyle Carner. 

“I’m still grateful that I knew her, I don’t think about the future.”

Enhanced by an intro that feels like a dream state; a carefully blended cocktail of lo-fi infused piano and guitar tones that can only be described as flavoursome. Slowe adds the final ingredient needed to appease the listener’s appetite, a melodic and softening tone that resonates with the echoes within yourself.

This takes the listener on an emotional journey but one that is easily relatable, concluding with a feeling of optimism and hope for the future. There also appears to be the presence of an alter-ego, questioning past decisions and why previous connections have broken down. 

Both Ciaran and Webmoms have featured consistently on BBC Introducing and have received plays on BBC 6 Music and it’s clear to see why. Scooters elevates both artists to the next level and will most certainly further enhance their reputation in the South West music scene. 

“I should have slowed down when I had the chance”

Starsigns’ acts as the perfect second single, offering a glimpse into a parallel universe that mirrors the journey of Scooters. However, it holds a desire for direction and answers to the subsequent questions that cannot be ignored. Webmoms’ tone is delicate but creates a feeling that is almost instinctive. While Ciaran Austin’s production style elevates the track beyond expectation; seamlessly flowing between the electrifying lyrical prowess of Webmoms and Sadie Horler. 

Both tracks feature on the EP ‘Harbours’, released as a collaborative project between Webmoms and Ciaran Austin on the label Hip Dozer. 

Scooters is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Ciaran Austin’s Instagram: @ciaranaustin_
Webmoms’ Instagram: @webmoms
Slowe’s Instagram: @slowemusic
Sadie Horler’s Instagram: @sadiehorler
Hip Dozer’s Instagram: @hipdozer
Listen to the EP here: Harbours EP