​Review: You’re Toast by Saff Juno

Words by: Shannon Beech

The new single ‘You’re Toast’ from quickly rising artist Saff Juno is undoubtedly a track for the people. 

Tuning in, you’re immediately blasted with some classic indie riffs that can only be described as wholly unique and satisfying, and that’s just the beginning. 

The crisp edges of the guitar and the excitable roll of the drum are more than enough to pull you into whatever punky, powerful story that is about to unfold. But it’s Saff Juno’s almost startlingly plush vocals that give this track its truly enthralling hold.

What I love so much about this song is how clear the message is, which sounds like such a simple thing to be impressed by, but please, just let me explain. 

The lyrics realise such a collected and composed anger. A story unfolds that describes a woman’s hurt, finally taking a stand and letting herself admit that she is angry. 

The track, as a whole, portrays this experience is probably one of the most grounded ways I’ve ever seen. 

The words seem to come from a place of distance from whatever event occurred, and with that comes a sense of realisation and self-assurance in your own emotions. 

This is put forth perfectly in Saff’s soft, calm delivery of such heated and hurt lyrics. 

The oxymoronic nature that exists threefold between the bright and thrilling instrumentals, vocals and heavy meaning only serve to further highlight the very real experience of being wrong; and coming back bigger and stronger with an almost confusing mix of peace, excitement and bitterness to finally stand up for yourself. 

Every element of this track stays true to its intention. It works together so harmoniously to tell not just its story, but how living it would feel.

How living it does feel. 

We love music for all kinds of reasons, in all kinds of contexts. But it takes a real connection to both the craft and one’s own emotions to be able to recreate an entire strand of experience in one, surprisingly short, song. 

It truly encapsulates a whole other, usually unspoken, side to deep-rooted hurt and anger that I was genuinely hypnotised by. 

A song for everyone, yes. But I think it goes without saying that a whole lot of women will feel some type of connection to not only this song, but this particular relationship with rage.


You’re Toast is out now and available to listen to on all major streaming platforms.

Instagram: @saff.juno