​Review: Existence by THE V.O.I.D

Words by: Shannon Beech

THE V.O.I.D, a transcendent musical project from the mind of pop-rock group WITTERQUICK’s Sean Davey. A far cry from the bands’ soft-edged alternative sound, THE V.O.I.D takes us on a lyrically absent yet powerfully paradisiacal wander with his very first single; Existence.

This is a track like no other. Simply put, I feel comparing it does not do it justice.

We begin the instrumental with some exceptionally grounded guitar riffs and beats that almost lull you into a false sense of familiarity. The looping light bounce paints a picture of what I can only describe as calm uncertainty, an audible description of the soothing inner purgatory that is the human emotion equilibrium.

As we progress, that paradoxical familiarity fades as the dominating riffs take on a much more hypnotic and entrancing form. Vacillating between fantastical high notes and internally celestial echoes, the instrumental feels unconstrainted by our conscious ability to only focus on one emotion at a time.

The otherworldly yet strangely human essence of the track somehow combines feelings of joy, sadness and comfort and uncertainty through its layered composition, essentially forcing you to acknowledge what feels like a journey through your own internal existence. (See what I did there?)

Nearing the climax of the track we’re treated to a satisfying 80’s-esque electric riff in what feels like an exploration of excitement, anxiety and resolution. It takes a gentle step away from the isolated soulful composition that led us here and instead brings us back to an almost place of concluded familiarity.

All in all, the track is outstanding. It feels deeply esoteric in its exploration of the emotional condition, as though to connect with it… you have to fully embrace vulnerability and look further into how these melodies make you feel.

When such an intense concept can be conveyed through quite literally no words, you know you’ve found a musical diamond in the rough.

I for one will be here desperately anticipating all new tracks from THE V.O.I.D, and if you feel like nosediving into some musical self-reflection then I suggest you do the same!

Existence is out now and available to listen to on all major streaming platforms.

Instagram: @the_void_uk