Music Review: California by Long Tonic

Words by: Sean Mcgwyne

Long Tonic are back again in 2023 with their new single California which takes an ironic twist on the chase for fame and riches in the golden city. In my opinion, the tune’s message is summed up in the chorus ‘Golden dreams of California I adore you if I could afford to, I’d never take you there’.

It may be a stretch but the line ‘woah mister don’t say you’ll never meet your soul sister’ could be an allusion to the Train song Hey, Soul Sister, with the band Train being from California. 

The song is unique because of the joint vocals of Ed and Matt who sing the verse and the chorus respectively. The opening verse is snappy and quick, the electric guitar riff grabs your attention, while the soulful vocals on the chorus make you stop and listen.

The chorus also has a touch of nostalgia, as if the band are mourning the disillusion of the ‘Golden dreams of California’. This pocket of sadness is tucked away within the loud and vibrant sounds of trumpets and swing band instruments, which contribute to making this an awesome song for dancing.

California is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.