Music Review: Little Things by Lizzie Hill

Words by: Jessica Rose

Adoring the beautiful ‘little things’ in life can be like listening to the birds tweet on a summer’s day — tranquil and peaceful. Lizzie Hill’s fresh new single Little Things captures this same relaxing feeling. Her stunning lyrics honour the small moments you can treasure and cherish when having another person in your life.

Through the beauty of Lizzie recognising the importance and perfection of love, as a listener you will experience a warm, joyful listen. This gorgeous, gentle track presents a message of not taking for granted the people around you and appreciating the love and tender kindness of others.

Lyrically, Lizzie uses the connotations of weather throughout, using weather and climate to convey a certain mood. She mentions that ‘winters warmer here with you’ in one line of her track, potentially highlighting that although the winter season can be a little gloomy, having that beautiful feeling of another can lighten the day. Her calming vocal tone is the key to relaxing from a stressful day. Do you feel you need some calming relief? Listen to Lizzie Hill. Lizzie is sharing her emotion of relief with the listeners which is truly lovely.

Lizzie mentions that her latest single ‘Little Things’ is the type of song you would write in twenty minutes. She sure has always had the talent to create something special in so little time. In a recent interview, I asked her about how she began to create music. She stated, “My uncle taught me a few chords and I wrote my first song the same day”.

Lizzie constantly has lyrics and ideas to share with the world. Not only does Lizzie appreciate her significant other (shown in this excellent piece) she also seems to be very appreciative of everyone in her life. She spoke to me about how her Mum and Dad are why she wanted to create music and said, “They just inspire me to be a better person”. As someone who loves to write about personal experiences in life, I can relate to Lizzie. This piece efficiently captures a glimmer of memory and its impact on the listener can only help you positively.

Overall, Lizzie’s music is like the colour yellow — the colour of sunshine, happiness and positive light. Listening to Little Things creates a sense of warmth and calm. It ultimately reminds me of when it’s raining on the window in your bedroom however, you’re safe inside with a hot chocolate. Just beautiful and full of love. Watching Lizzie live is a magical experience and certainly worth your time. She hopes to line up some live performances in the Summer.

Little Things is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.