Little Orchard Cyder and Music Festival celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Words and photos by: Anna Hatfield and Lucy Williamson

Photo by Lucy Williamson

Now in its 10th year, The Little Orchard and Cyder Festival hosted an unforgettable celebration of live music with dozens of incredible acts across multiple stages. Here are 6 acts that we loved this year!

Town of Cats

Photos by Anna Hatfield

Having listened to their tracks plenty of times before, Town of Cats truly exceeded expectations. Words cannot do justice to the energy and joy overflowing from the Main Stage on Friday night, kicking off the festival with unapologetically chaotic yet perfectly crafted funk rhythms and the outfits to match. You can’t help but move to these tunes; even us photographers were having a boogie while taking in the scenes of colour and energy before us.

Town of Cats came to the stage not only to perform in the packed-out tent before them but also to each other. There was a moment where the entire band sat on the floor to listen to the keyboard, which turned into a full-on improvised solo, hyped up by the rest of the band, who were enjoying the performance just as much as the crowd.

This band brings the most incredible positivity to their performances. Their message to stand together in creative and indignant unity to make the world a brighter and livelier place came through loud and clear at Little Orchard and absolutely filled us and other creatives with hope before crashing headlong back into the world of day jobs with the willpower to carry on creating.


Photos by Anna Hatfield

Earplugs were necessary for this one in the best way possible. The amount of talent in this band as a whole unit was phenomenal. They are the epitome of hard rock at the moment, and seeing them in person feels like being punched in the face by heavy riffs and incredibly powerful vocals, resulting in a wall of noise that was enough to shake the tent.

If there was anyone in that crowd who wasn’t familiar with this style of music then we’re sure they were well educated by the end and what an introduction it would have been. The crowd participation was incredible, and Godstone fully encouraged people to get involved in the mosh pits and get moving as much as possible.

Their latest album ‘Gold Blood’ is out now. So if you need something to get you through the end of festival season and stay awake long enough to make it to Halloween, then we highly recommend the whole thing, but the track ‘Survival’ feels like a good place to start. 

Andy Quick Band

Photos by Anna Hatfield

There is something about the rhythmic vocals and groovy blues riffs that always draws us back to Andy Quick Band time and time again, and it looks as though the crowd does, by the looks of the packed-out tent.

The genre consists of an eclectic range of indie-disco, blues, and funky rock and roll, which means non-stop moving and enjoyment, the best way to experience music.

Once again, there was high energy from every member of the band and fantastic crowd reciprocation throughout. Andy Quick clearly knows how to work a crowd and has the experience and charisma to hold the attention of an audience of all ages, and music tastes with ease. The set was non-stop organised chaos, and we loved it. We highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for any future gigs popping up soon. They may have finished festival season at the same time as us here at Whisper, but they’re not done gigging yet. You’re in for a full performance if you manage to catch them.

Tarn Francois

Photos by Lucy Williamson

Known for his instrumental soundscapes on the electric guitar and diverse storytelling, Tarn Francois and band members Sam Matthews (drums) and Soren Hoadley (bass) played an incredible set on Sunday afternoon at the festival.

Blending Southern rock, blues, funk, and psychedelic rock, the trio’s performance was a truly remarkable musical experience and a testament to their incredible musicianship and stage presence. The band is undeniably a rising force in the local music scene.

Watch out for this talented trio; they are destined for greatness, and we’re excited to see what they have in store in the coming months!

Blue Ray

Photos by Lucy Williamson

Blue Ray, a quintet comprising Flory on vocals, Soren on lead guitar, Jude on guitar, Freddie on bass, and Toby on drums, took the BBC Music Introducing stage by storm with their energetic and electrifying performance.

From the very first note, Blue Ray captured our attention with Flory’s vocals, ranging from hauntingly melodic to powerfully gritty. The band played tracks from their recent debut EP, “Anymore,” and their genuine enthusiasm and passion resonated throughout the tent, solidifying their position as a rising indie rock powerhouse. If you have the opportunity to see Blue Ray, don’t miss it!

Daisy Clark

Photos by Lucy Williamson

Tucked away in the woods, the Dragonfly Stage, a hidden gem during the festival, provided an enchanting backdrop for those seeking a perfect blend of nature and live music.

It was the place to discover acoustic local acts. And among them, singer-songwriter Daisy Clark graced the stage on Sunday evening with her ethereal voice, raw lyrics and wholesome personality.

The intimate setting created an atmosphere of pure magic and was definitely a highlight at the festival. The stage was styled like a cosy living room, but with a huge disco ball just above, which really helped to set the scene of this stunning area and its natural surroundings.

There is really something for everyone at the Little Orchard Cyder and Music Festival. Not to mention The Rattler Olympics and Grandma’s Funky Wardrobe ~ if you know, you know…

Tickets are available to next year’s festival now and you can get yours here: