​Review: Central London by Jodie Mellor

Words by: Amy Moores
Photos by: Em Marcovecchio
Design by: Jodie Mellor

Jodie Mellor’s songwriting has been described as an anthem for the introverted 20-somethings. Based in Bristol and listing Hannah Montana as an inspiration, Mellor’s work is certainly the best of both worlds, introspective with the fun of new-age pop. 

Her music reads as journal entries, invoking nostalgia from a time you hadn’t thought of in years. Fans of Taylor Swift will enjoy Mellor’s sound all too well think longing, yearning and teenage melancholy.

Beginning with the sounds of indeed, Central London, Mellor’s newest track quickly nabs a glimmer of memory for anyone who has visited or lived there. Ultimately, it’s a love song, proclaiming that although she’d much prefer to stay inside, she’d drive through a congested central London just for you.

As a self-proclaimed writer of sad songs, her music is surprisingly upbeat. For me, her tunes feel hopeful, full of wishful thinking and old-school romance. 

Central London is out now and available to listen to on all major streaming platforms.

Instagram: @jodiemellorr