Gig Review: Pocket Sun at The Cornish Bank, Falmouth

Words by: Heidi Dixon
Photos by: Lucy Williamson

Close your eyes. Picture yourself sat in the back of an open-top convertible. The wind in your hair, the sun beating down on your neck. You drift languidly down a winding open-stretched road in California. You’ve never been here before, but it feels familiar. The road comes to an end. The car gently floats off the ground, through the clouds and into space.

Sometimes a cliché metaphor is the purest way to describe the feeling of a sound, and this is the sound of Pocket Sun. On Tuesday 2nd Feb, the Bristol-based band sent the crowd on a sensory trip as they charmed us Falmouth folk with their celestial synths.

Quietly confident, the group took to the stage, effortlessly positioning themselves for the set ahead. I’m not usually one for auras and crystals, but even I have to say they had a cosmic energy about them. The vocals lived up to their vibe as Gina Pratt sang ‘Lucid’ in a siren-like voice. This tangled with the creamy synth bass and soulful melodies lulled the room into a dream-like sway, as we absorbed the warmth of Pocket Sun.

The band were well received by the crowd, who were perhaps ready to float into another dimension after a pretty lively opener from The Beau Bennett Collective.

This four-piece alt-rock band are firm Falmouth favourites who never fail to bring the energy, with soulful vocals, jangly guitar, electric, and drums. The crowd bounced as the group had everyone up on their feet, moving in particular to Beau’s uplifting original, ‘Breaking Ground’.

Pocket Sun for fans of: Khruangbin, Tash Sultana, ‘Summer Madness’ – Kool & The Gang.

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