​Gig Review: Enabling Behaviour and Sundiverr

Words by: Tom Smith from Waveform Productions
Photos by: Sam, Noah, and Duncan from Waveform Productions
Photos edited by: Duncan Hallett from Waveform Productions

Fives, a bar in Falmouth typically known for its pizzas and aptly named ‘Backyard Boogie’ nights, but for the evening of the ‘Live at Fives’ event the venue became something much different. Filled to the brim with Dr Martens, safety pin earrings and slipknot hoodies a group of alt, indie, punk kids came together for the first act; Sundiverr took the stage.

Opening for Enabling Behaviour, Sundiverr set the tone for the evening, their shoegaze sound warming the crowd for what was to come.

Their slow, wavering head-bangers brought everyone together, but they weren’t just competent in hypnotic indie sounds that conducted the audience into a sea of bobbing heads and twisting bodies, their hard indie-rock songs effortlessly steamed up the windows and drenched the floor in sweat, ending the set on a high with a mosh that acted as a precursor for the following act.

As the floor cleared and the shallow pools of spilt lager became apparent, Enabling Behaviour stepped to the stage. The group playfully chattered and joked whilst setting up, oozing carefree confidence. Will, one of the group’s guitarists fidgeted with a collection of pedals that helps to build the band’s sound. Bathed in an appropriate red lighting the band began the set with a screeching, foot-thumping guitar that dizzied its audience. Each crowd member squeezing, ducking and pushing their way about the pack in an attempt to get to the front. 

One song in and everyone had already unleashed a seething desire to jump and shove all over the place. The rhythm section, Charlie and Conor, cast a spell on the audience, everyone locked in a collective head-thump whilst Liz and Will’s vocals push and pull the crowd in and out of their primal desires. By halfway through the set, it wasn’t just the punk rock kids who were well within the pit, everyone was in the minefield of controlled chaos; it was impossible to resist. 

The crowd was tamed at points though, a standout moment when Will began his monologue read straight from his handwritten notebook. Matched with a spinning, growing instrumental, the poetic speech became a beautiful and hectic insight into who the band are beneath the heavy riffs and frantic outbursts.

But don’t let this fool you, the song came in waves of calm and storm, a perfect balance of their musical capabilities. Another example of their musical range was a song later in the set with basslines reminiscent of Thundercat, its jazzy tones which someone how slide so seamlessly back and forth between jazz and punk-rock, momentarily unchaining their audience before pulling them back in.

This is something the band had true control over, pushing and pulling the crowd in constant waves of momentum and energy. It was fantastic seeing a band play so well to their strengths and it resulted in a set of constant entertainment, so the next time you get the chance, be sure to grab a ticket for one of their shows!