Interview with electronic pop artist scixnce

Words by: Emma Kay

Scixnce is an up and coming electronic pop artist currently based in Cornwall, UK. Her futuristic sound and artistic genius instantly makes her one to watch in the coming months and we look forward to seeing what she has planned for the future. We had the pleasure of chatting to her about her new single, musical inspirations and future plans for her career in music. Enjoy the interview!

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Boundless. Each song I write is like an expression of little pieces of my personality. My process is very personal. I’m driven by my emotions and aim to and translate that into my music.

To someone who has never heard your work before, how would you define your genre and sound?

So far my tracks are high-energy future pop tunes with ethereal moments. However, I can find some songs bend through genre’s as I write them or work on them with my producer. I do write in different styles though, and when I write with my guitar I seem to create soft-indie-grungey songs. I’m yet to officially record any of these, but I do post teaser videos on my social media from time-to-time.

What is the story behind the name “scixnce”?

It was actually my tumblr url. I was truly obsessed with the platform in my young teenage years. Back then, it was a trend to put x’s replacing vowels in your url. I’ve just always felt close to the word and after literal years of exploring artist names this one stuck. 

Where do get the inspiration for your music from? What kind of topics do you enjoy exploring in your work?

I write a lot from personal experiences, feelings and relationships. I’ve always expressed myself and come to terms with my thoughts through writing it all down. In my latest releases I’ve explored mental health, toxic relationships, possession, self-love and confidence. Everything human and raw appeals to me. I’m also incredibly inspired by other musicians; there’s nothing better than connecting with someone else’s art.

What artists do you think have influenced your work?

I’ve been completely enchanted by the work of Lana Del Rey since I first watched Video Games in 2012. I’ve never felt more of a connection to an artist. I’ve related to her entire journey and been so inspired by her sound, imagery and poetry. Her mind is truly beautiful.

Recently I’ve also been obsessed with Grimes. The way she explores genre and visual so fearlessly encouraged me to stop shoe-horning myself into one sound, without her I never would have released what I did this year. *Queue huge statement* she’s also one of the best producers on the planet! Both artists create these unique worlds with their art, and as a pursue my career, this is something I’d be interesting in doing too.

What was the inspiration behind your single “stripping in berlin”?

I was getting really into David Bowie when I wrote this song in 2016. I read somewhere that there was a point in his career where he went to Berlin and reinvented himself. I had just started my first year of uni, and I needed to make big changes in my life. I had a really rough time as a teenager with my mental health, so this song was an encouragement and celebration of re-invention and a new chapter to thrive in. 

Describe your process for creating and filming your music videos?

I’m always filming little videos on my phone, I love capturing moments like that. When I start making a music video, I sit and channel the feeling of the song and then go through my video library collecting things that fit into that feeling. The main thing is that nothing is planned. I love working spontaneously and experimentally. I’ll just edit things and try different effects I think look cool. I try and maintain a rhythm throughout, but with these magical synth-pop tracks, I just want to create something visually ethereal and enchanting. 

What kind of role does collaboration play in your work?

Without my producer, Junkheart, my songs would not be anywhere… He’s actually my brother’s best mate and has been since they were young. I’ve literally known him all my life. They used to practice guitar together in the living room and I’d try and join in on my ‘groovy chick’ recorder! He’s really transformed my compositions into what they are, his knowledge and skill with production combined with his style is the perfect compliment to me as an artist.

I’m currently working on a series of singles to release this year as well as planning gigs and would love to do some more collaborative projects. I believe you can learn something valuable from anyone and its an important part of growth. 

Sounds super exciting! Do you have any upcoming releases planned?

Yes! My next single ‘deep end’ is nearly finished and will be going to distribution soon. I’ve also released a radio edit of ‘in the dark’ alongside a wicked dark, ambient remix of the track produced by Snotta

Where would you like to be in your career a year from now?

I’d love to be hearing myself on the radio, playing live shows, working with a team of people. There’s no limit to what I want out of being an artist, but I think it’s important to allow your growth in your own time.

What would be your ultimate dream to achieve as an artist?

To deliver amazing, cinematic, magical and theatrical live experiences. I have massive ideas for this. Also, I just want the means to revolve my life around creating art and just be able to call up ‘my team’ with a mad idea and see it through to completion. That would definitely be the dream.

Instagram: @scixnce_