​Review: December Daisies by Saff Juno🌼

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

A broken relationship turns your heart cold. We have loved, liked and lost one hundred times but over the melancholic dark cloud that hangs over our heads the silver lining can be found in Saff Juno’s recent single, ‘December Daisies’. This beautiful single allows you to sit and soak in the daunting fear that is being alone to find it is surprisingly empowering and extremely comfortable.

The powerful introduction from the sugary guitar chords and synth undertones, establishes an atmosphere of astonishing ambience. The song offers a door to the mind revealing a sense of freedom and the feeling like you are running through a field of flowers or the star of a perfume advert. The range of genres explored in this song are a delight to hear and accompany the narrative perfectly.

Elements of the indie genre bring a familiar sense to likes of 1970’s band the Cocteau Twins, but is very much elevated in this song using the likes of the acoustic guitar and syncopated bass line to alluringly project it into the present tense. The drum pattern is simply beautiful, stripped back to its bare bones and stands out within the track; it marries perfectly with the other instruments. The enchanting ending adds a sense of fulfilment with a sprinkle of reverb over the vocals to present a haunting but powerful tone. The spoken word is flawless and the icing on the cake connoting the idea of an uplifting voicemail, an element to reflect upon, note and grow from.

The lyrics are honest and raw. Self growth is profoundly intense, empowering the correct energy to consume your whole soul and not letting toxic elements seep into yourself like poison is of importance for the balance of self growth to remain positive.

It is vastly comprehending in yourself to know what or who you believe is vivaciously valuable towards the notion of growth. Saff has welcomed loneliness with open arms and has taken this on board with her whole heart and it is lovely to see. With lyrics such as “I can do it on my own” and “I do not need anything” being repeated, we understand this is firmly cemented and at the forefront of the song’s endearing message.

Being alone is scary but the journey of independence and of self growth is worth that pain and the fear of letting go. This song is the perfect motivator to consume this unsettled endeavour.

‘December Daisies is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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