​Review: The Sound of the Music by Rhys Hurd

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

Ever miss stepping into a gig venue, feeling the warmth of the stage lights hitting your face, the spectacle of colour bouncing off the walls, the atmosphere of exciting music projects and squeezing into tiny gaps to be fully immersed the crowd? Well, if you do, the extraordinary new song by Devon artist Rhys Hurd ‘​The Sound of the Music​’ will effortlessly transport you back into that exceptional feeling, and we are here for it.

We are firstly introduced to this astounding song, bundled with illustrious power chords to enchant the listener and project them very much into the rock genre realm. The drum patterns are magnificent offering commanding dynamics and snarling support to its fellow instrumentation. The chorus is dominant and dynamic; I love how the drums switch to crash and ride symbols to add loud, impactful texture.

The vocals, guitar riffs and drums marry one another to create an influential gig atmosphere. Rhys’ guitar playing is a prominent standout of the song, magnified with charismatic energy and strong solos. The noteworthy lyrics are extremely catchy; it will be hard for this song out of your head. The track connotes the feeling of being on Guitar Hero for me. It takes me back to my beginning of my own musical journey, and it’s lovely to be reminded of such good memories.

The journey of an artist studying Popular Music at Falmouth University is one extraordinary experience… from reviewing Rhys’ track ‘​It’s Just Us​’ a year ago, it’s amazing to see him continuously progress and advance in his artistry.

Throughout this past year, Rhys has innovatively created a prominent, distinguishable brand that makes him a staple of the current Falmouth music scene. The consistency of his marketing, creativity and performance should be amazingly celebrated.

The Sound of the Music’ is an effective, prominent title track to his up and coming EP, which is due to be released this coming Spring. The track is pure evidence that not only has Rhys truly discovered his sound but, has also elevated astoundingly as an artist. Truly ecstatic to see what the EP will bring once it’s revealed.

We should all be very excited to see where third year takes this up and coming artist. You can also catch Rhys showcasing his music on virtual gigs and producing conversation with his video podcast, Creative Chats.

The Sound of the Music is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Instagram: @rhyshurdguitar
Listen to the track: The Sound of the Music