​Review: Back To You by Eva Gadd

Words by: Alice Vickery

With a melody that swaddles the listener in all the watery sensations that she can summon, Eva Gadd is creating exactly the kind of stirring music people need to hear right now. The silent strength that surges through the ocean is captured beautifully in Eva’s song and presented as the one thing we are all a little desperate for at the moment; hope.

Whether it be for your own mental survival or for a loved one that you physically cannot get to, in a very real sense hope is the only feeling that has saved many people from drowning over the last year. As scary as it has been and even in the face of her own self-proclaimed realistic outlook, Eva warms us through with her unrelenting hope that will eventually carry us ‘Back To You’.

Eva’s musicality is astonishing. The delicate textures in her music are layered with a deep understanding of how music can affect your emotions. A sombre piano draws you in for the first few moments of the song when a summery beat kicks in and washes over all the echoes. And Eva’s voice, with its quiet power, keeps pulling you beneath the waves of her own music to make that release of the chorus even sweeter, like coming up for air. As Sarah Gosling of BBC Introducing hits the nail on the head:

“There are some artists whose voice just touches your soul immediately and that was my response to Eva Gadd… I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that type of music is so difficult to do with such incredible calibre as that.

Since featuring in Whisper Live last October, ‘Back To You’ is the first track on Eva’s debut EP; it is so exciting to see this star rise and we cannot wait to see where she will shoot off to!

Back To You is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Eva’s Instagram: @evagadd
Listen to the track: Back To You