​Review: Ghost In Me by Darla Jade

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

Darla Jade, a name that will not escape your memory for a while, an artist who has captured the attention from names such as Gorgon City (Real Life) and Nico De Andrea (The Shape) and is prodigiously carving her own path as a electronic artist, paving a way for women to follow in her dominant footsteps.

Her new single, ‘Ghost In Me’ embodies the sour bitterness after losing someone and how this horrible facade can over power the sweet memories lingering in forgotten love. This song will haunt your body enabling you to remove it from your head after the first listen, craving more from the promising midlands based musician.

Diving into the classic elements of electro pop head first, we soak in the delights of stupefying synth sounds, captivating vocals and energetic instrumental accompaniment at every twist and turn. The drum patterns are very intriguing and keep the track alive in every element. The ‘oohs’ provide a facade of sweet nostalgia and is a very clever play on what we associate a ghost sound to be like. The synth riff which enters within the bridge resonates with the rest of the track and also reminds me of the 1980s Tron classic.

All the moods are elevated by Darla’s powerful vocals that fit effortlessly into this track calling out for the song to be engulfed with every move in a vivacious club setting or a partnership with a workout. This song gets you going, takes us on a journey of emotion and helps us feel motivated in times where we absolutely need it, iconic.

The song was created a year ago by Darla herself, Simon Pereira, Lucan Mills and Rhys Fletcher who is the producer of this sensational track. In a recent interview Darla said:

‘‘I am so excited to be releasing this next song, as it’s one I have been wanting to share since the day we wrote it. I feel it’s a lot moodier than my other tracks to date!”

Darla projects flexible artistry in her discography from writing emotional dark ballads and then juxtaposing these elements into a light electro-pop sound and with more on the way from her we expect Darla to be very successful with her career and her latest stunning project. Throughout my time reviewing for WHISPER this song is truly one of my top all time favourites.

‘Ghost In Me’ is available to stream from all music platforms, good luck removing this song out of your head.

Instagram: @darlajadeuk
Listen to the track here: Ghost in Me