Turn Up The World Festival

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

The yearning of fans for the festival season is solemnly wholehearted. The eagerness of packing old rucksacks with new clothes, food and a poncho found on that rack in poundland. The summer sun glistening on our skin, friends in tow with the atmosphere of excitement and music in various tents sweetening our ears. Unfortunately, the prominent events of this year have shaped the world into an incomprehensible nightmare causing festivals to be cancelled and fans feeling an overwhelming sense of devastation. 

However, all hope is not lost with an amazing virtual festival experience that can be easily accessed from your home with just a click of a button. ‘Turn Up The World’. 

The festival aims to fill the void and bring delightful positivity through bestowing music upon its dedicated passionate fanbases. With a showcase of acts from all over the world, it is not essential to grasp your passport tightly. ‘Turn Up The World’ is not featuring the lineup of events we have been exploited to this year, (it is only June, pray for us) but a lineup so talented, astonishing and diverse that the decision to cancel festivals will only be a catastrophic memory. With sensational acts such as Adriana Terren, Jungle Man Sam, Ana Senko, Daisy Clark, Horses on the Beach, Frank Song. Jr., Bosco Tamames, Lily Lyons, Samuel Walwyn and NANA you do not want to miss this distinguished event. 

Festival organiser NANA, expresses her reasoning behind creating such a sensational experience: 

“What has been taken away from artists and their fans is heartbreaking but is also an opportunity to connect them more directly than ever. With a story to tell from all around the globe, ‘Turn Up the World’ is a chance to stop worrying for a moment and feel understood, celebrated and joyful through music.” 

With the uncertainty of the pandemic looming over us as a whole entity it is important for a musician to understand how to adapt to these unwelcoming times with specific digital tools at their fingertips. With music being an illustrious component that brings everyone together, having an online festival with Musicians from all walks of the Earth will not only secure a sense of celebration of talent, but permits musicians to expand their online identity with a global demographic audience and uncover some success in streaming. This platform has been decreasing significantly as visual platforms have been in the favour of audiences looking for distinguished distraction. 

‘Turn Up The World’ will be taking place from today, 12th June, until Sunday 14th June, and should be an experience that should be firmly celebrated! Tune in from 6pm today!

Instagram: @turnuptheworldfest