Aiyana Hunt: Female Producer

Words by Chloe Burrows-Bryan

WHISPER virtually sat down with a cup of tea (or wine if lockdown is getting to you) with up and coming solo artist, Aiyana Hunt to talk about her remarkable journey as an artist. With Aiyana releasing ‘Wanna Know’ as her debut solo single, we can expect her artistry to shine and take on the music scene by storm.

Q: Hello Aiyana! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you are coping with lockdown?

A: Hello! I’m a 19-year-old singer songwriter and producer from Brighton. In this weird time, I think everyone has their off days where they feel a little more down than usual (I know I do), but that’s okay. Personally, a distraction that works for me, can be anything from song writing to cooking, working out or even purposefully annoying my siblings out of boredom.

Q: Who’s your two favourite artists that inspire and empower you?

A: 2 of my favourite artists at the moment are GRIFF and Lennon Stella, both of which are beautiful singer songwriters. GRIFF not only writes but produces most of her own music. I find this so empowering and inspiring for wannabe producers like myself. Lennon Stella’s beautiful writing picks apart topics that I wouldn’t normally delve into, but I truly admire… for instance, her youth and portraying this through a sense of innocence.

Q: We have seen you blissfully grace onto the Falmouth music scene with the amazing B Town. Can you describe how being a solo artist has impacted your creativity compared to a group environment?

A: I loved being part of B town, it was a truly memorable experience. I learnt so much about the hard work and dedication that goes into the music industry. However, through working on my solo music, I have been lucky enough to find my personal sound. I love collaborating with other artists, but occasionally time alone to work on individually and your own music can be necessary.

Q: Your new single, ‘Wanna Know’ beautifully presents the hellish repercussions that one may experience after the end of a relationship. Can you explain your writing process behind the song?

A: The song was actually written during lockdown, drawing from personal experiences and past relationships. It was originally written with my acoustic guitar, but I knew I wanted to make it something more. I tend to dive into playlists for hours and hours searching for elements of songs and inspiring music to aid my own producing. 

When I’ve eventually found what I’m looking for, it’s all down to experimentation on Logic really… I truly commend my sister for listening to every single strange version of this song I made her listen to, that’s for sure!

Q: What were your desires for the people who listen to this track? Empowerment, motivation, expression?

A: I think the desired effect of this song was to help anybody who related to it in anyway, and also just to have fun with it. I would certainly describe the song as a sarcastic drunken bop.

Q: We need to commend you for sensational producing of your own track! Any tips and tricks we should comprehend from your working process as a producer?

A: Thank you so much. Honestly, patience is key. You may spend the 1st year of University producing the most atrocious songs, thinking they were bops much like I did… A year on and I would like to say that my music has improved, but I guess people will have to listen to the song first.

Q: Very interesting! Did you know that 4% of women are recognised as producers in the music industry? Does this percentage shock you and what do you believe the industry should be doing to drastically change this percentage for the better?

A: I heard about the percentage of female producers from a friend and I was beyond shocked. I don’t think it’s okay that women aren’t as encouraged as men to go down that “technology” veered route, when we are just as capable… I honestly hope this percentage will change, but I think for the moment, support and encouragement between female producers is so necessary! I have so much love to any female producer trying to make their mark.

Q: What’s one thing you would change for women in the music industry?

A: The only reason I got into producing in the first place was that I was looking into producers for one of my ex band’s singles, and I found one who was willing to do it for cheaper with additional inappropriate demands. I found this rather disrespectful and scary to think: do some women actually go through with this? In all honesty, I believe more respect for any women in the industry is needed as soon as possible.

Q: Agreed. What are your plans for the elevation of your artistry? Any future goals you are striving towards that you feel passionate about?

A: Hopefully by Christmas or early 2021, I want to achieve my first ever EP. It’s a shame I won’t be gigging for a while because of this silly virus, but when everything blows over I will get straight back into gigging again. I absolutely love it.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would tell aspiring female musicians who want to make a mark with their music?

A: Find your sound, be strong, dedicate yourself and work so, so hard! Be you and make your mark in this industry.

‘Wanna Know’ is now streaming on all platforms and if you can’t get enough of the song, Aiyana has performed live on Tom Skinner’s ‘Wrap Me Up’ live stream single launch which is available for viewing on Facebook! Happy watching!