Sarah Lou

Celebration of the NHS

This image I wanted to celebrate a service of which it is impossible to live without and that some people take for granted especially now.

The NHS is so special and we should take care of it.

Duvet Day

This artwork is a representation of many of us, sometimes we need to relax and have a rest. Through all the awful things that are going on, for a lot of people the pandemic has been a time to have a break and figure out what’s really important.

A small act of Kindness

This illustration shows an elephant helping a tortoise cross the road with all their shopping. I wanted to explain how a simple thing can go a long way.

Hold your nearest and dearest

Times like this make you realise more then before it is take care of those around you, life is short so make the most of it!

I love my bed

This illustration is a celebration of my bed, like most it is symbolic of safety, comfort and warmth. Sometimes it is as if they are taking care of us and hugging us tightly. 

Stay home

This piece displays how everyone comes in different ways with being stuck at home. Whether it’s dancing, art, cooking; if anything I feel like this time has allowed us to re-discover our passions and focus on ourselves.