India Neive

This project, by India Neive Leask, explores simple moments that become profound because of the connection we have to them. 

India’s work, through environmental portraits, covers the personal and internal moments that ground us and bring us back into our bodies from our sense’s interaction with the natural environment at a specific time. 

The aim was also for her to be present while completing these shoots so she creates personal connection to the moment in the photograph too. ‘Connection’ was created to connect the audience to these moments captured despite not ever being in the environment, to encourage them to create new connections with nature themselves.

These images, plus a few, are to be presented in separate rooms with sounds from the place the photo is taken. Each room has projections, sounds and/or immersive experiences relating to the image that is presented. For example through the temperature of the space, textures of walls, air flow and projections. All this designed again to connect the viewer to the photograph.