​Review: W Hotel by Nana Darby

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

We have seen Nana grace ‘​The Celebration of Women​’ successfully still, it is now time to recognise this step into the world with personal creativity at her side. After knowing Nana for some time now, this is entirely what I envisioned her music identity to be, unrestrained, empowering and truly honest. Nana has invited us to experience heartbreak at the ‘ding’ of the hotel bell in which, hopes to receive a ​prodigious​ reception.

Influences from soul and jazz are prominent in the chord structure of the piano, bass and drum accompaniment. The piano stands out and marries her sugared vigorous vocal melodies created by Nana. The lyric that sounds out in this song: ‘Honey have you finished… Making me drown in your insecurities’ this is gritty and to the point. The groove enters dominantly into the track after the first chorus connoting the idea that she has overcome the heartbreak that had once entered her life which then follows with a fabulous layer of harmonies and a gracious ‘ooh’. Every element is polished and intertwined with one another and is placed exactly where you think it should be. Credit to producer Jack O’Hea (Kirk Francis, Long Tonic, Hexposeur, Strsome) as the mix sits very well in the ear and presents an animated narrative.

When downhearted, I struggle to find songs that are empathetic and uplifting to my situation however, ‘​W Hotel​’ is one important song that immerses you completely and invites you to overcome despondent thoughts of loving someone or yourself. She is not some vigilante for an anthem of deliverance but purely at the forefront, connecting and celebrating flaws within herself and others in a bold confident manner. She expresses:

‘Making this song was the strongest I’ve ever felt, and that’s because it was about a time where I felt powerless and that experience has only made me more resilient…’

You can see this truly executed in the song’s indistinguishable construction of lyrics and instrumentation. With more singles to be released and touring later this year, we can expect promising revelations with the evolution of her commodity as an artist evidenced by her impactful debut.

‘​W Hotel’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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W Hotel // 27.02.20

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