​Review: Wrap Me Up by Tom Skinner

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

The unpredictability of this everlasting pandemic has made people feel undoubtedly frightened and worried for what the future brings. However, the solo debut of Tom Skinner’s new single ‘Wrap Me Up’ encourages you to fail to remember these emotions of bleakness and desolation. The song fabricates a magical fantasy which wraps you up to make you feel as though you are whole and not alone.

If you haven’t stepped outside in a while, ‘Wrap Me Up’ has you covered. The start of the song connotes a feeling of walking through an esoteric forest with the sun peaking through the trees. The accompaniment of the guitar structure, mystical synth and a unique stream-like water sample sparkles within the song. The drums are introduced so sweetly and accompany the melody lines perfectly. The guitar riff is prominent at the forefront of the song being animated right after the first chorus. The harmonies in this song are something to be commended for, they are simply heavenly and have been layered elegantly and sprinkled throughout the track. The guitar is escorted back into the song alongside the other accompaniment and vocals in the bridge which presents a beautiful daydream and ends with a satisfied fulfilment.

This song presents an empowering honesty that encourages a person to be accepted into others’ love. With lyrics such as ‘Holding half of a hole’ there is a sugared demand for the other half to be filed. The lyric ‘Wrap me up and tuck me in’ is so prominent in the song as it connotes feelings of innocence and vulnerability within an entity. The goosebump effect with the lyric ‘Feel my voice underneath your skin’ invites the love to be a necessity in one’s body. The repetition of ‘That i’m not alone’ is a statement that needs to be confessed. All the lyrics are sung wholeheartedly adding more emotion in the track.

Praise and recognition for Tom as he has produced this track and it sits faultless within the mix. This track includes every distinguishable element you would expect a pop song to encounter in its journey. It is a truly beautiful narrative expressed by the lyrics and the instrumentation within this sensational song.

From representing other artists with his outstanding piano playing, to transforming into his own frontman in the blissful Blush, to this sweetened solo adventure. It is truly astonishing to see Tom’s journey fabricate and adapt into something that is so unique and wonderful. This presents an elevation of the artist Tom is truly meant to be and we should be exhilarated by his up and coming artistry in the future.

‘Wrap Me Up’ is out now available on all streaming platforms.

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Listen to Wrap Me Up here: Wrap Me Up