​Review: It Hurts by Theya LeRoy

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

‘I Opened My Heart’ was the first time we got a glimpse of the amazing artistry from independent musician, Theya LeRoy. She has now made a gracious return with her latest single, ‘It Hurts’ which has transformed into an alluring twin of ‘I Opened My Heart’ being a melancholic song but with an empowering sultry twist. This remarkable song paints a narrative of dressing up in your finest, being seated in an extravagant club bar, the lights dimming down to reveal a piercing spotlight exhibiting this song in all its glory. 

We are immediately struck by captivating power chords presented within the sharp violin melody which is aided by a synth accompaniment. A prominent and daring drum pattern enters with the fascinating synth in the verses.

The chorus is introduced with the return of the strings which is then accompanied by an entrancing piano, synth and a drum pattern that changes in rhythm and tempo. As the song draws to an end, the power chords seep into the synth leaving them with full control of the journey of the song with the 12 bar blues bassline assisting sensationally. The vocals contain elements of jazz and a distinct Amy Winehouse feel which is stunning and very unique. Traditional elements of house and jazz have been beautifully meshed into one and each have their own moments to shine throughout the whole song. 

The lyrics and instrumentation juxtapose one another throughout as the lyrics present a narrative of mourning for a relationship and the instrumentation is crafted into a dance like fantasy. However, this is purely magical as it allows a listener to feel liberated to dance away the heartbreak. 

Theya expresses the reasoning behind creating the track: 

“Yes, it does hurt when someone betrays you, but it is important to remember that these feelings won’t last forever, we are all strong enough to overcome all the bad times. It is a fight within ourselves. It is only you who can liberate yourself from all those sad thoughts which poisoned your life, stopped it from evolving.” 

With a musician so interested in applying vibrant components of different genres such as house and jazz into her music with a powerful narrative, it will be compelling to identify where the singer-songwriter will go next in her journey as an artist. 

‘It Hurts’ is available to dance the night away to now.

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