​Review: French Kiss by The Kaizens

Words by: Verity Hesketh

French Kiss is a fused firecracker, a flick of a switch in a darkened room. From the first hyper-speed opening chords, you know this track is going to explode somewhere behind your eyes and kickstart your socially isolated heart again. French Kiss is like the person who gets you fired up to go out, no matter what. We’ve all got that mate, and if you haven’t, it’s because you are that mate.

Artfully mixed, the crisp metallic synth lies comfortably next to reverb-heavy guitars and a lithe bassline. The echoing boom of the guitar lines giving the track a more lived-in, timeless feel, while laid across the top of them, Tom Bushin’s vocals are pure magnetic charge… When he sings, ‘I’ve fallen in love all over again’, it’s impossible not to feel an irresistible heart-rush. The effect achieved is a classic indie vibe, but shaken out and spritzed up for 2020; a glorious party blend of bright unruliness.

The Kaizens have achieved that tricky thing; to be fresh-off-the-block enough, to be a minty clean blast of originality, but to also be talented enough to sound like they’ve been doing this sort of thing for years. Most importantly, The Kaizens sound as if they’re having as much fun as the audience they’re playing for.

Across their four years of being, The Kaizens have already supported Toploader, Razorlight, The Darkness and Scouting for Girls, and have received huge support on national and local radio stations, as well as the award-winning reality TV series Made in Chelsea.

French Kiss is an utterly convincing salvo – as higher production values and bigger stages beckon, it seems inevitable that The Kaizens’ downright infectiousness will see them through to their rightful ascension to success.

French Kiss’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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