​Review: It’s Just Us (Acoustic Version) by Rhys Hurd

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

After overcoming the apprehension university can bring, it’s very exciting to see first year talent emerge from the cocoon and comfort of what is AMATA and embark on a personal journey of their artistry into the Falmouth music scene. Being a little smaller than I already am, I remember implementing my own artistic journey and the excitement that it contains and it’s very easy to envy. Up and comer Rhys Hurd has made a glorious introduction upon the Falmouth music scene with his new single ‘​It’s Just Us​’.

From the get go, ‘​It’s Just Us​’ presents an acoustic feel which connotes the sense of summer, sitting by a campfire on the beach hearing the waves crash as this song is played sweetly, a song that has been created to be admired and sang along with.

The atmosphere is introduced by a sweet guitar riff which then accompanies the prominent vocal melody by using a constant change of various chord patterns. After the first chorus, the dynamic rhythmic feel of the song intensifies with the instrumentation of a virtuous cajon beat, animated guitar riffs and a righteous bass line. The cajon really sets the pace of the song and is a distinguished alternative. This provides an exposed atmosphere to empower the lyrics to radiate throughout the song. As Rhys says:

‘This arrangement of the song is a stripped back sound built off acoustic guitars driving the rhythm, leaving the voice to carry the honesty in the lyrics showing a level of maturity and sophistication in my own developing sound.’

You can openly hear this in the positioning of elements that fabricate this summer tune.

The lyrics that stand out in this song connote an impassioned connection for love with lyrics such as ​‘There’s no more you or me, there’s just us’,​ ​‘Our thoughts collide and sparks fly’ and ​‘There’s no more doubting how we feel’ very to the point and delicate. As Rhys’ aim for the sentiment was to prove the listener the sense of an ​‘Emotional and personal song about love that is built on a connection of two people’s minds and passions’. The harmonies provided by Emma Jordan and Sam Pollard marry one another and are prominent on the lyrics ​‘There’s just us’ ​to give the listener the perception that for Rhys, the love shared between the two people are equal with one another.

There is some room for development with more advancement of recording techniques and vocal diction. However, I praise Rhys for recording, producing and writing the track! Not many musicians at the start of university know how to do all three. With space to grow, we can expect Rhys to really hone his craft and make it something the industry is missing in the next few years at Falmouth.

It’s Just Us (Acoustic Version) is now available on all streaming platforms.

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