​Review: Alive by Jake Pavey

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan
Photos by: Jennifer Ireland
Single cover photo by: Maia Pavey

Excitement, motion, uncertainty and energy are the four components of life that one should endure throughout their journey on this earth, however the path that is presented to us unravels. ‘Alive’ reveals the true reflection of realism that life unambiguously provides and accommodates these four components senstationally. Up and comer Jake Pavey has created a song that is exactly what it says on the tin, alive. 

We are immediately introduced by a chilling guitar melody which invites a vibrant fast pace drum pattern to set the scene and to accompany the guitar successfully. A distinguished second guitar is set in motion and is colossally striking in its appearance. Each leading guitar solo presented within the song is outstanding and creates a prevalent experience for an audience. Skill and musicianship of the guitar and drums are effortlessly embedded into the track making each section prominent, hard and extremely fulfilling.

The track bestows the same guitar motif which is weaved in and out of the track and generates the motif to acquire numerous illustrious identities. The eerie vibrato of synth-like sounds in what seems to be a bridge keeps you second guessing to where the song goes next which is purely astonishing. As we progress into the conclusion of the track the drum pattern advances into halftime using more of the cymbals as an aid to guide the narrative, the prominent guitar follows to make you feel alive. The finally exhibits string-like sounds that carry the melody and to connote the feeling that we have gone full circle in the journey of this amazing track. 

The mix is astounding and creates a platform for the track to be elevated upon. This song is vigorous and can be the background for any empowering notion. The instrumentation is superbly crafted to possess its own sense of self in the track. The mixture of synth, drums and guitar all perfectly marry one another and present a hard rock experience. The track simply paints a narrative of its own, without the need for lyrical content as an aid to connote meaning. 

This song withdraws your soul from your body and transports you into another domain which is completely up to your imagination. For me I immediately gained the concept of Underworld or Lara Croft in confrontational combat. With an abundance of emerging talent arriving substantially onto the music scene, Jake Pavey is one of them making his mark with this thrilling song.

‘Alive’ is out now available on all streaming platforms.

Instagram: @jake.pavey
Listen to Alive here: Alive by Jake Pavey