​Review: Better Me by Jake Loosemore

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

If Joey Landreth, Chris Stapleton and John Mayer are artists that you cherish dearly, Jake Loosemore is an artist for you who brings a unique breathtaking talent to the music industry with his new single. ‘Better Me’ is a kind hearted, free spirited sensational song that is the perfect backing track to accompany a sweet summer’s day. 

We are introduced delightfully into the song by an illustrious melodic line played by the guitar and piano that marry one another perfectly. The vocals are simply outstanding and so comforting to hear. Multiple distinguished guitar tracks are astounding providing texture and diversity within the song. The verses are stripped back with the lead guitar exhibiting beautiful chords alongside the piano and vocals.

The chorus evolves into a powerful narrative with the instrumentation releasing an embellished prominence. Lyrics such as “I will find my own way home” connotes the feeling of breaking free. The guitar solo in the bridge is a strong statement that and gloriously stands out within the song. The harmonies that are sweetly scattered within the song melt in your mouth and compliment each other wonderfully. All the elements presented in this song have been beautifully exhibited to praise one another and to provide an excellent narrative. 

Canadian Singer-songwriter Liam Duncan from the amazing band Bros. Landreth provides the piano chords and wonderful backing vocals. Admiration for Jake’s musicianship should be acknowledged as this amazing song was written, recorded and produced by himself. Award winning mix engineer David Benyamin from Paris contributes to the astonishing balance of sound. Jake expresses: 

“The track was written about a year ago, and I’ve played it lots live ever since as it means a lot to me.” 

This incredible song was the front runner for Jake’s upcoming summer tour which unfortunately has been postponed. However, this song possesses its own glorious spotlight and should firmly be celebrated. 

Better Me’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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Listen to ‘Better Me’ here: bit.ly/BetterMeJakeLoosemore