​Review: Telepathy by Holly Fitzgerald

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

2019 was amazingly graced by the stunning talent of solo artist Holly Fitzgerald. With her raw and emotive vocals that effortlessly captivate an adoring audience, Holly has become a distinguished figure playing at top venues and festivals such as O2 Academy Birmingham, The Glee Club, opening the show on Lock Stock Festival’s main stage and gaining worldwide support from radio stations in the UK, America and Australia.

Her latest single, ​‘Telepathy’ is extraordinary, honest and stripped back allowing her artistry to embark on an incredible adventure into the genre of ambient/indie folk…

This song is simply stunning.

We are instantly compelled into the track with the introduction of the electric guitar and astonishing vocals. The guitar chords are lightly strummed and word paint the vocal melody perfectly which thrillingly symbolises her plea for peace. The guitar picks up in momentum with the technique of finger picking to enhance the verses energetically.

The vocals are purely breathtaking and should be undoubtedly appreciated as Holly’s range is exhibited flawlessly throughout the song. The harmonies are sprinkled in delicately and with the added effect of reverb, assembles the atmosphere into an eerie but sweet identity. ​The vocals and the guitar melody really marry one another and create such a wonderful song.

​We have to commend Holly for harnessing all the techniques each instrument maintains, embracing them effectively and placing them wisely into the track. Even though the song only contains vocals and an electric guitar, it creates such an effective impact and leaves space for the mind to blissfully wonder.

To me, the song connotes an post apocalyptic atmospheric feeling and would be the perfect sound track to the game, Last of Us or the series, The Walking Dead. The song’s infatuation can also akin to that of Aurora’s ​‘Murder Song’​.

The song paints a strong narrative of two people who are struggling to establish a connection. Beautifully written lyrics such as “Teach me telepathy” connotes an understanding that there is demand for the mythical power to read minds as she wants to comprehend the other person’s thoughts, feelings and desires that have been intensely masked by the identities of ​tension, misunderstanding and miscommunication. Moreover, additional lyrics such as “Your heart is Mine” implies that the sorrowful struggling connection can not be surrendered so easily.

With Holly being able to create powerful music with a wide variety of genres such as dark, cinematic pop and now, ambient/indie folk it will be astonishing to see where Banks Radio – Sound of 2019’s winner will transform into next.

‘Telepathy’​ is out now!

Instagram: @hollyfitzgeraldmusic
Listen to the track here: Telepathy