​Review: Undo The Knots by Emily Davies

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

A hot cup of tea freshly made hot to touch, a slight blow from the lips over the top of the mug’s contents in hopes it will cool it down. Sitting in the corner of the room gazing at the outside reflecting upon life’s mysteries, the events of the past few months and the sudden heartbreak. ‘Undo The Knots’ is the perfect song for this type of situation, this song is modestly beautiful exploiting artist Emily Davies’ prodigious songwriting cemented firmly within the folk genre. 

We are instantly captivated by this song from the beginning with the introduction of fabulous guitar instrumentation and breathtaking vocals. There is a glorious contrast between the relationship of the acoustic and electric guitar. The electronic guitar grasps a prominent solo laced with some slight reverb which weaves effortlessly throughout the song. The sweet acoustic guitar brings the essence of folk into the song’s identity. The vocals melt your soul like honey and the vocal harmony accompaniment during the choruses are purely magnificent supporting the lyrics. The bridge allows the guitar instrumentation to take centre stage creating a very tranquil atmosphere. The song is stripped back exhibiting its bare bones in its entirety allowing feelings of vulnerability and heartbreak to be explored. This song becomes a melancholic love letter to a significant other that did not get the chance to hear the inclination of the others infatuation before moving on. 

Recorded in the first few weeks of lockdown, Emily struggled like all creatives to adjust to the sudden drastic change of the pandemic and the repercussions it has had on musicians. She says: 

“Music has always been my solace and my soul-soother but I felt really disconnected from my own creativity and was struggling to play or write anything. I wrote the song Undo the Knots a bit earlier in the year with a somewhat bruised heart, trying to make sense of how I felt about the ending of a relatively short but intense relationship.” 

With an album firmly in the works, we are excited to truly see Emily in her full capacity allowing us to drift away somewhere entirely with the comfort of her music pulling at our heartstrings. 

‘Undo The Knots’ is wonderfully available on all streaming services for you to drift away now.

Instagram: @emilydaviesmusic
Listen to the track here: Undo The Knots