​Review: Dreaming by Duvet Daze

Words by: Chloe Burrows-Bryan

We all wonderfully dream; it’s a sense of escapism, whether it’s the withdrawal from the harrowing reality of life or a tiptoe into our mind’s breathtaking desires…

Duvet Daze’s woozy debut single ​‘Dreaming’ lends us a helping hand to delve into the sweet atmosphere of daydreaming, allowing us to take a moment to chill, relax and take our minds off the the chaos that the world brings in everyday life.

This crafted lo-fi production provides a dazed bedroom pop experience which can be related to artists such Men I Trust, Soccer Mommy and Clairo.

The song is born with a sensational jangly guitar introduction and, for me, connoted feelings of being on a tropical island. The guitar is accompanied with a stunning prominent drum pattern and strong vocal melody which reflects the guitar melody perfectly. We are instantly transported into a dream-like state when a noteworthy solo riff is exhibited by a synth sound, this is then accompanied by moody downtempo beats, adding great texture and dynamic.

The vocal harmonies are sprinkled sweetly at the end of the track and are truly astonishing. The song in its structure is very simplistic, but is used effectively. The youthful, gritty vocals connote a melancholic encounter of feeling at a complete loss and not possessing any hope for what the future might mysteriously bring. The infectious groove of the whole song is prodigious and firmly transports you into dreaming while listening.

The narrative expressed through the wondrous instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics exhibits a metaphor of dreaming in itself, the simplicity of the first section of the song represents a strong narrative of the reality we all face which is then juxtaposed with the introduction of the synths and stunning dynamic accompaniment representing advancing into an atmosphere of escapism and daydreaming. Duvet Daze – also known as Mia – expresses the meaning behind the track:

“Creating a song about daydreaming is my way of coping during these strange times, and it’s with my best friend and twin sister, Tuesday.”

From seeing Mia grace the Falmouth music scene with her beautiful sister, Tuesday, in their band Mia Tuesday, to her elevation into the coming of age artist we know her to be today, it will be exciting to see this dreamy track have an all-round success.

‘Dreaming’​ is now available on all streaming platforms!

Instagram: @duvetdaze.music