Review: Crawl by Wez Richmond

Words by Chloe Burrows-Bryan

The clouded reality of life and various hellish decisions can lead to a painful uncertainty. However, the new song ‘Crawl’ from alternative singer- songwriter Wez Richmond presents an exceptional silver lining. If you delve into the musical works from artists such as Damien Rice or Bon Iver, ‘Crawl’ will definitely capture your heart and will be a song that stays with you. 

Imagine being in a car winding the windows down, this song beaming through the speakers, the wind gliding through your hair. But, this is a drive to clear your headspace and as you turn the wheel, decisions to be made while covering the unpaved roads ahead of you. 

We are strongly introduced to the song with an illustrious drum pattern which is quickly followed by alluring guitar chords. The guitar profoundly elevates into prominent strummed chords which fabulously word paint the lyrics of ‘somewhere’ and ‘no doubt’. The chorus picks up pace and the instrumentation is increased in intensity to connote the message of not wanting to fall but to engage in the desire of not giving up and fighting for a positive outcome. After the second chorus, an additional guitar is initiated into the song and guitar solo stands out astoundingly changing the rhythm, pace and the various identities of melody in the track. The raspy yet soft tone of the vocals blend effortlessly with the accompaniment of the instrumentation and paints such a beautiful raw creation of the artistry Wez upholds. 

“Crawl brings forward the thought processes when life becomes uncertain. Whether it’s about relationships or life decisions. Sometimes life can get to a point where you feel like you have to crawl for an answer.” 

With Wez taking inspiration from artists such as Ben Howard and Lewis Watson, he has adapted his sound and lyrical content to connote an encouraging message within his songs. This is distinguishably exhibited in ‘Crawl’ with considerable honesty of the problems in life. The song presents a superb powerful understanding that sometimes we need to crawl before we learn to walk and taking the time to comprehend decisions is acceptable to undertake. 

WHISPER is tremendously excited to see what the South Devon artist will release next! 

‘Crawl’ is now available on all streaming platforms.