We (Hope Deamer and Jack Cole-Bailey) have used the setbacks of lockdown and 2020 to experiment with our very own business endeavours – re-launching Hope’s post-university photography company, the self titled Hope Deamer Photography, and a new business venture The Film Safe. With a passion for photography, we have enjoyed capturing special moments for others across a wide spectrum of life, from newborn photography, equestrian portraiture and new home shoots.

We love the intricacy of emotion and picking up the really key behaviours and expressions the subject displays, whether it’s the love between a mother and a newborn, or the trusting bond between rider and horse. On the other hand, The Film Safe has offered us a portal of escape from 2020 and allowed us to look back in time whilst we scan, digitise and save old film negatives and slides. We appreciate the importance of conserving these special moments in our lives (especially this year!) and the fun that can come by scrolling through these forgotten pictures with digital clarity once again.

Whilst taking a trip back to some time in the past is a hell of a lot of fun for us! We came across this venture unexpectedly, one of the locals of Hope’s pub she worked in, that she has known for a long time mentioned an old archive of negatives that he had been given but wasn’t sure what to do with.

Offering to help we became very interested in the nostalgia they brought back, these were old cars from the 40’s onwards. It became very clear that this would be a good job to do full-time saving and restoring old images. Since running these two businesses hand in hand, we have found that they are more similar than we first thought, people often find out about us on one page and end up ordering through the other!

This is just the very start of running these businesses and we hope that they provide a lot of fun and success. Each day brings new images to take or scan and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Coming from a Portrait Photography background Hope finds scanning in the negatives and taking portraits her main strength. Throughout her time at University she was drawn to medium format film especially in colour and spent a lot of hours in the colour darkroom printing and editing ‘the old fashioned way’ herself.

Jack on the other-hand, finds landscape and travel images his expertise which ultimately makes the perfect pairing. Jack’s time travelling during and after University gave him the opportunity to experience the world and capture memories that were both beautiful and meaningful to him. He honed his skills to landscapes and has used this to his advantage in the world of photography.

We both take the time to learn as much as we can, recently purchasing a drone, Jack especially, is having a lot of his time taken up experimenting with videography and panorama images. We hope this will take us in new directions come the New Year and cannot wait to see where we end up.

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