Live in Colour is a small business based in Cornwall, UK. The company makes unique, statement jewelerry made from polymer clay.

Live in Colour was founded 2 years ago by Alice Baker when she was working on a smaller henna business in Somerset. She said: “I needed some items to go alongside my henna stall to draw people in and since then it has grown into what it is today. Using polymer clay means my work can be versatile, unique and strong.

I’m currently working jobs on the side of this, however would LOVE to make this my full time profession, that is the ultimate dream! I hope to grow on top of this business and start making more digital art, other jewellery bits and potentially expand to a bright and colourful clothing range! It is all my plans for 2021!”

To bag yourself some of this amazing jewelerry, head over to the Shop in Colour shop on Etsy.

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