Hi, I’m Holly and I’m an illustrator based in Falmouth, I have a deep love for all things nature, Cornwall and coastal. When I’m not drawing or printing I’ll be out on the coastal paths or in the sea, I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings, the seasons always bring a new flurry of inspiration for me to look at. 


With my work I hope to reflect the world around me and hopefully help educate and spark interest in nature, I love learning about flora and fauna and I hope I can project that in everything I do. I love to work through printing mediums: lino and screen print are my favourites, but I also love to work digitally, hopefully bringing those printy/ organic textures into it well.


I am an illustrator and creator of handmade items based in the UK. Since graduating from BA Drawing at Falmouth University I have been developing my style and business. Working in everything from watercolour and ink to pyrography or acrylic, my work often features or is inspired by the sky and my local surroundings.

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